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Curtains and Drapes

Fire Retardation Certificates are provided for all our drapes, and custom made tags can be sewn on (with your company logo for identification) with fire retardation certification codes.

All drapes supplied meet Australian safety standards for fire retardation. For insurance (and safety) purposes always check for fire retardation.

Our drapes will not catch fire - bring a lighter along and see for yourself!

We offer hire, sales & repairs for:

  • Cycloramas
  • House curtains
  • Masking
  • Borders
  • Skirts
  • Tabs
  • Legs
  • Scrims
  • Truss socks (lycra)
  • Valances
  • Decorative
  • Custom made (bring us the fabric - we'll make them for you)
  • Autopole support systems
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Buy or Hire

Need some drapes? We have two options for you:
  1. Temporary solution - our Hire Stock has a huge range of sizes and fabrics including wool, molton, gabardine, velvet and lycra.
  2. Permanent solution - Custom made / made to order - We stock molton, wool, velvet, lycra & gabardine - any other fabric we can have ordered in. Production time is generally 2-4 weeks, depending on current workload.
But remember if you want them by tomorrow you'll have to pay us a nice bonus to work through the night!

We also hire and sell autopoles with base plates, uprights and cross-bars if you require free-standing drapes.

For a free quote on custom made drapes;

Please email us at with the following:
  • Curtain width & drop
  • Fabric choice - please see 'fabric selection' below
  • Colour choice / preferences
  • New or second hand (we usually have plenty of recycled drapes at budget prices)
  • Flat or with fullness (need help deciding? Blue Room Forum on Fullness in Curtains )
  • How do you want the top finished? eg. webbing & eyelets, curtain tape or velcro?
  • Optional extras: eg. chain pocket, blackout lining (essential if you're covering a window), re-usable cable ties, runners, a 'sock' (storage bag), velcro tabs etc.

Fabric Selection

Please email us your postal address if you require samples.

As a rule - wool is the best. It will last up to 50 years or longer if it's well cared for. Some of the other fabrics like molton or velvet may only have a 10-15 year life, so although it's cheaper - it doesn't go the distance. If you can afford the wool, that's your best option.

For stage skirts we recommend gabardine , as it's light weight and doesn't get wrinkled when put away for storage.

Lycra is used for making 'truss socks' - available in white or black.

Currently in stock - black velvet & black corduroy.

The white satin is perfect for weddings and parties, they shimmer beautifully and look stunning - especially if you hang one of our star curtains behind.. you get the twinkling effect of hundreds of LEDs through the shimmery satin - very pretty!
White fabrics reflect colour, for example you can transform white satin drapes into a soft pink or vibrant blue, depending on what lights (and gels) you use.

Specialty Curtains

Star curtains are available for hire or sale, and come with a controller box giving you effects such as 'strobe' or 'twinkle'. (Available in white or multicoloured LEDs in various sizes). Please contact us for pricing and further info.

We have many options available so if there's something in particular you're after then why not contact us and try your luck!

Curtain Repairs

We can repair or alter curtains and drapes, ideally at our workshop although onsite repairs are available although incurring additional charges of course :)

Repairs from our workshop: At an hourly rate and may require extra costs for patching supplies / materials.
On-site repairs: At a higher hourly rate, plus patching supplies. Travel time will be charged, and a minimum call-out fee of 3 hours. In some cases we'll need to bring the industrial machine which will require an extra person, and incur an extra fee.. basically it's a whole lot easier if you bring the repairs to us.

Support Systems

Hanging your drapes

For hire or temporary situations we usually use autopoles to hang the drapes. They are supported by a heavy steel base plate & spigot, which holds the vertical pole (up to 6m in height). The horizontal poles extends up to 3m wide. These work great as long as there's no wind around. For permanent installations, we suggest steel poles or tracking. To discuss your options please give us a call on 9371 1032 and we'll sort you out.

We can even manufacture curved curtain track to suit your space.