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Electrical and Safety

Ian Ashton is a qualified electrician and has been with ATT for over 20 years, giving you peace of mind that your job is handled by a professional.  (electrical licence number EC 9757)

We've worked with the Department of Finance since 2003 carrying out school maintenance (Breakdown Management & Works, supplier number 144142) so nowadays, we spot the hazard from a mile away.

Safety is always foremost in our mind, in any job, in any situation.  If we see anything of concern we act fast, contain it and issue a report immediately.

As well as Ian, Sean Ashton, are qualified to carry out your electrical testing & tagging and are currently regularly testing theatres, schools, halls & churches in Perth and the Southwest.

If you have a patch panel in your venue, the testing has to be done plug to socket, we've seen countless examples of test and tag companies testing the plug, and even tagging out good circuits because there wasn't a load on the end of the line, as if the patch panel is a load in an of itself, when it actually functions as a large collection of extension cables, and needs to be tested as such.

David Ashton also carries several other qualifications, too many to list!  Also holding an expired pyrotechnics license which he would be happy to renew if needed...!